Welcome to the new jcink version of on the edge, a resource community! brought to you by allie and co in preparation for when pbv5 is released in december (rendering posting templates and pretty coding, our foundations, useless!). while the PB version of OTE will be staying open, we're going to start filling up the jcink version with content and converting you lovely people to jcink since it's absolutely amazing - especially for rp sites.
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On the Edge was designed and created by Allie. The image in the header was found on Zerochan, all credit for it goes to the original artist. Any textures used were found on Tumblr. Open source codes were used from Proboards Support. CSS styling and other HTML was made by Allie, save for a few codes found on Dynamic Drive - a big thank you to them. Resources found on the site belong to their respectful owners. Thievery will not be tolerated in any measure. If you come across anything that looks to have been stolen please notify one of the staff members.

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Posted By: ALLIE @ Jun 11 2012, 04:27 AM
if you want to transfer your proboards OTE money into your new jcink OTE account, just post in reply to this thread with a link to your proboards account and it'll be magically done asap.
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Posted By: ALLIE @ Jun 4 2012, 04:54 AM
universal updates

general updates shall be tracked via this thread. keep an eye on it! super important updates will have individual threads but things like new boards, new items or systems etc, will be recorded via this thread.
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